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Linearity and functionality, quality and experience are the key elements for the products Stilhaus, a family company that since 1978 offers furniture solutions for the bathroom by combining the inventiveness of established designers with solid experience of employees to achieve aesthetic and functionality at a reasonable price.

The Stilhaus Bathroom born as NECESSARY FOR THE BATHROOM, the mirror, the appliqué, the toilet brush, the paper holder are fundamental elements for the wellness room and allow the realisation and exploitation of projects proposed by seller for the customer satisfaction. Stilhaus products guarantee national origin, our products are manufactured inside our structure that is connected to an armature of Italian companies. Our strong points are:
  • a fast delivery service
  • technical advice
  • a 5 year quality guarantee
  • made to measure products

Maintenance advice

  • Our products must be cleaned using a neutral cleaning agent with water. They should be dried with a soft cloth
  • Abrasive products or sponges must not be used
  • Under no circumstances must thinning agents, acids or solvents be used
  • If the chromate surfaces become dull we recommend the use of wax polish to restore the shine and to protect them
  • The company accepts no responsibility for any damage caused if the abovementioned indications are not observed
  • Visita la sezione prodotti o contattaci per maggiori informazioni.

certifications and guaranteeI

Our products are created using materials of the highest quality made in Italy. They undergo treatments which guarantee their resistance to corrosion and their durability. Our products undergo rigorous controls and tests during production enabling us to guarantee our products for 5 years from the date of purchase. This guarantee will be validated by a receipt or proof of purchase. The guarantee does not cover any damage due to incorrect installation or any other work carried out by unauthorised persons.


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